Byggen (Toys not yet built)


Toys not yet built

Toys which aren't large enough to be called furniture, but which has not yet been built.

Ankle Twist

Ankle cuffs for crossed ankles.


Simple anklecuffs.


A stock for the secure locking of the arms. The outer rings go around the upper arms, just above the elbows, and the inner rings go around the wrists. Can be used with arms in front of body or behind the body.


A simple stock for hands and feet, where the ankles are crossed.

Hand and Foot

A simple stock for hands and feet.

Hand Twist

Hand cuffs for crossed wrists.


Simple handcuffs.

Hands up

A traditional head and hands-stock.


A small stock intended to be worn around the neck, with the face in the notch at the front, and the hands in the hand stocks, elbows forward.


A stock for a kneeling position, with the hands behind the butt.


A collection of paddle designs.


A tandem head stock for two subs.

The Fiddle

A head and hand lock stock.

The Fold Up

A stock for a well packeted sub. The big ring goes around the neck, the stalk goes down between the legs, and the arms go outside the legs and locks into the small rings, locking everything in place.

The Pugilist

A head and hand lock stock with the hands side by side.

Wide Stock

An ordinary stock for hands and feet. The construction is parametric, so it's easy to alter the design.